Ukrainian Catholic Parishes of Baltimore   

Rev. Vasyl Sivinskyi, Pastor

2401 Eastern Ave Baltimore, 21224 USA
Office Phone: 410-675-7557 Fax: 410-732-0839 cell phone: 267-242-5673

Divine Liturgies

Saturdays: - 4:00 pmat St. Michaels

Sundays 8:30 am at Sts. Peter & Paul; 10:30 amat St. Michaels
variable schedule for both parishes contact office for specific schedule


Parishes of Baltimore Bulletin



Aug 21, 2016                                                                                                                      Volume 2016 no. 34



14-t dz

14th Sunday After Pentecost


Tone 5                                                 Epistle 2 Corinthians 1: 21 - 2: 4                     Gospel Matthew 22: 1-14


21                     8:30 M          SS P&P             

Sun 21 Aug                                                                  Intention of parishioners


                                     10:30 AM         St Michael         

Intention of parishioners

22                                                                  ˳㳿

Mon 22 Aug                                                                 No Divine Liturgy

³ 23                    10:30 AM          St Michael        + -

Tue 23 Aug                                                                  +Stephania Polischuk - Rose Lasuk

24                      6:00 PM          St Michael        + -

Wed 24 Aug                                                                 +Zenowij Goy - Anna Barron & family

25                    10:30 AM          St Michael        + -

Thu 25 Aug                                                                  +Stephania Polischuk - Eugene Brenycz

ϒ 26                                                                  ˳㳿

Fri    26 Aug                                                                 No Divine Liturgy

27                   4:00 PM            St Michael        +.

Sat  27 Aug                                                                  +Rev Joseph Szupa

15-t dz

15th Sunday After Pentecost


Tone 6                                                 Epistle 2 Corinthians 4: 6 - 15                         Gospel Matthew 22: 35-46


28                     8:30 M          SS P&P             

Sun 28 Aug                                                                  Intention of parishioners


                                     10:30 AM         St Michael         

Intention of parishioners



! - ³!  Glory to Jesus Christ! - Glory Forever!



²      ³ e o ˳㳿.

            , .


²          We welcome all parishioners and guests and invite you to join us for coffee and cake, every Sunday after

            the Divine Liturgy.  A sincere thanks to all those who help make our coffee & cake successful.


²           :  We ask that you remember our sick parishioners in your prayers: Theodore Caryk, Lucia Chay,

             Maria Chorney, Michael Hecner, Melania Hudyma, Alexandra Huculak, Marta Iwashko, Oksana Koropeckyj, Teodor Kuzmiw, Orest Lasuk,

             Rose Lasuk, Lidia Markowski, Maria Popowych, Anna Semak, Roma Stafford, Anna Swystun, Stefania Tatchyn,

             Anna Tymiuk, Dmytro Tymiuk, Irene Waclawiw, Petro Wernyj and Nadia Wojtowycz.

             If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact Fr Wasyl with the name of the individual.  Our prayer for the sick and

             the aged is truly helpful and comforting. In your Christian Charity, kindly remember our sick parishioners in your prayers and

             perhaps a card or note.


²        Our parishes are fortunate to have a cemetery and we thank everyone for your generosity during the annual appeal for the cemetery. 

            Please remember that your parish envelopes include 2 special collections (spring & fall) to offset the cost of maintaining this cemetery. 

            Please remember that St Michael Cemetery is locked at all times.


            If you would like to visit the cemetery and do not have a key to the lock please contact Fr Vasyl (410) 675-7557 or

            our new Cemetery Administrator - Stephen Humeniuk at 410-967-0501 or email  Please be advised that effective January 1, 2015 the cost of new individual burial grave sales at the cemetery is $500. A Certificate of Ownership is issued upon full payment of the individual burial grave sale and is recorded in the cemetery records. 

            For cemetery burial site purchases and questions please contact Stephen Humeniuk.



,   .                       Yours in Christ Father Vasyl


 .  .


If anyone has announcements to be made please give Father the written announcement prior to the

beginning of Liturgy.  Please do not give Father announcements during Liturgy


St. Michael's Fund Raising Activity


UKRAINIAN FESTIVAL  Sep 10 & 11, 2016  12noon-6pm.  Festival After Party! Sat Sep 10 6pm-10pm St Michael Upper Church Hall.  Festival will be held on church grounds at Montford Ave & Eastern Ave this year due to Baltimore City increased fees.


St. Michael will host the UKRAINIAN KITCHEN with the traditional Ukrainian foods!!

Kitchen volunteers are needed & much appreciated during the day and evening to make this church fundraiser a huge success


Please come help even if its for a few hours.every helping hand counts


Kitchen Volunteer Schedule will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12noon until 8pm

Week#1 12noon-8pm    Tuesday Aug 16  and Thursday Aug 18 Potato Pyrohy Making

Week#2 12noon-8pm    Tuesday Aug 23  and Thursday Aug 25 Potato Pyrohy Making

Week#3 12noon-8pm    Tuesday Aug 30  and Thursday Sep  1    Potato Pyrohy Making

Week#4 12noon-8pm    Tuesday Sep   6   Potato Pyrohy & Stuffed Cabbage Making

                          Thursday Sep  8  Sausage/Sauerkraut & Stuffed Cabbage/Holubsti Making


FESTIVAL DAY 9am-7pm   Saturday Sep 10 and Sunday Sep 11   -   Food Servers & Kitchen Helpers                                                




St Michael Church Sunday Coffee Schedule Social Hour


KAVA / Coffee Social Hour  During the summer months there is no kava / coffee social hour after the Divine Liturgy. Kava will resume in the Fall September 2016.

Cemetery: Lost & Found

FOUND! A Ukrainian Beaded Necklace was found after Easter on cemetery grounds. If you lost the necklace, please contact Steve Humeniuk, Cemetery Administrator 410-967-0501 or email:


SS Peter & Paul Coffee Schedule




St Michael's and SS Peter & Pauls' Ukrainian Catholic Churchs Calendar of Events:








. . - Collection St Michael


- Collection for August 14, 2016 - $734.00       $100 - In Memory of +Stephania Polischuk;  


For the Building Restoration Capital Campaign Fund: 

. a. - Collection SS Peter & Paul



We are sincerely grateful for your donations, contributed to the glory of God and for the good of our parishes.


Did you know The Way, our archieparchial newspaper is available for FREE through the internet?  Our newspaper is

published twice a month in both an English language version and a Ukrainian language version.  To receive this online newspaper,

simply send your email address to: theway@ukrarcheparchy.usYou may also share The Way with family and friends by sending their email addresses to:

All parishioners are encouraged to receive and read The Way, the Catholic newspaper of our Philadelphia Archeparchy.


, ? . -,  : , : , Գ


. - St Michael Church Hall - Art Exhibit

Wasyl Palijczuk at 78: Art and Life Retrospective


 " "


. .


  , -.

10 2016;

- , , .

31 .


Come visit the Art Exhibit titled: UKRAINIAN ARTISTS ON DISPLAY: Wasyl Palijczuk, Aleksandra Pawliuk and Gregory Bayda-Benua in the upper hall of the St Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church. Official Opening & Program Sunday July 10, 2016. The display can be viewed until August 31.



August 21


To Boldly Go



:::Mercy of the Heart Image Color.jpg

:Vigilance Image Color.jpg

:Earth of Fire Image Color.jpg

:To Boldly Go Image.jpgIn case you havent noticed, we are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. Innumerable television episodes over the decades, several movies featuring the original TV cast, three more movies in recent years with a new castthe latest movie in cinemas now.


All the tales revolve around the central, now-famous theme, to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Why bring all this up? Because the Jubilee Year of Mercy is our opportunity to boldly go forth to rediscover the deepness of the mercy of the Father, as Pope Francis put it.


When Francis pushed open the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica to launch the Jubilee Year last December, he followed a rite of pilgrimage dating back centuries. An estimated 10 million faithful are expected to follow his lead and pass through the door during this Year of Mercy.


Most heartening, perhaps, is that God welcomes all who pass through the door. He goes out to meet everyone personally, Francis said, reminding us of the parable of the father who ran out of his house to meet his prodigal son when he saw him at a far distance.


Our prayer today: Help us move out of our comfort zone during this Holy Year, Heavenly Father, and boldly seek your welcoming mercy.


All Are Called to Prayer during a Holy Pilgrimage on Sunday, August 28,

Metropolitan Soroka to Lead Pilgrims at Assumption Church, Centralia, Pa.


All are invited to join Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka and clergy on a Pilgrimage at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Centralia, Pa. on Sunday, August 28th.  


The pilgrimage begins at 12:00 noon with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy with Archbishop Stefan as the main celebrant.  Homilist at the liturgy will be Father Vasyl Kharuk, Spiritual Director at St. Josaphat Seminary and an Extraordinary Minister of Mercy during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.  There will be a Living Rosary prayed at 2:30 PM before the historic and jeweled 18th century copy of the Icon of Our Lady of Pochaiv.  Father John Szada will provide a reflection at the conclusion of the rosary.  At 4:00 PM all will gather at the outdoor chapel for a candlelight procession to the church for the celebration of a Moleben to the Mother of God.   Archbishop Stefan will again be the main celebrant as well as homilist during the Moleben.  Prior to entering the church, the Blessing of Water for the Jubilee Year will take place at the Grotto of the Holy Cross.  The newly blessed Jubilee Water will then be distributed to all pilgrims.  At the conclusion of the Moleben, prayers for healing and the anointing for the healing of soul and body will take place, as well as the opportunity to venerate the Icon of Our Lady of Pochaiv.  Confessions will be available throughout the day at various locations on the church grounds.  


There will be religious goods for sale, which will be blessed at the conclusion of the Living Rosary in the outdoor chapel.   Food service will be provided from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.  This is a Rain or Shine event.  Handicap parking will be provided on the church grounds.  Off-site parking and shuttle van service will be provided from specially designated areas near the church.  For more information please feel free to contact the church rectory at 570-339-0650.


During his historic visit in November 2015, His Beatitude Major-Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Primate of  the world-wide Ukrainian Catholic Church, marveled at the continuing presence of the church in Centralia, where an underground mine-fire resulted in the abandonment of the town, the demolition of almost all buildings and the relocation of all but less than ten residents.  Patriarch Sviatoslav felt a sense of true holiness which pervades the entire church property.  His desire is for all people of faith to come and experience this holiness, sanctity and serenity as pilgrims to this holy place on the mountain.  


During this Jubilee Year of Mercy, the church has also been designated a Holy Door of Mercy and all pilgrims are invited to walk through the Holy Door for special blessings.


Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia


Wedding Anniversary Celebration, Sunday October 16, 2016 at the Cathedral.

Please see flyers for registration info.




16 2016 . .



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