Ukrainian Catholic Parishes of Baltimore   

Rev. Vasyl Sivinskyi, Pastor

2401 Eastern Ave Baltimore, 21224 USA
Office Phone: 410-675-7557   Fax: 410-732-0839   cell phone: 267-242-5673

Divine Liturgies

Saturdays: - 4:00 pm at St. Michaels

Sundays 8:30 am at Sts. Peter & Paul; 10:30 am at St. Michaels
variable schedule for both parishes contact office for specific schedule 


Parishes of Baltimore Bulletin

Балтиморські Парафіяльні  Вісті


july 24 2016                                                                                                                      Volume 2016 no. 30




10-tа Неділя після Зіслання Святого Духа

10th Sunday After Pentecost


Tone 1                                                                          Epistle – 1 Corinthians 4: 9-16                            Gospel – Matthew 17: 14-23


Нед 24 лип                    8:30 АM          SS P&P            за всіх парафіян 

Sun 24 Jul                                                                   Intention of parishioners


                                     10:30 AM         St Michael        за всіх парафіян 

Intention of parishioners

Пон 25 лип                                                                 Не буде Святої Літургії

Mon 25 Jul                                                                   No Divine Liturgy

Вів 26 лип                                                                  Не буде Святої Літургії

Tue 26 Jul                                                                    No Divine Liturgy

Сер 27 лип                  10:00 AM          St Michael        +Михайло, Катерина, Володимир, і Анна - Дмитро і Анна

Wed 27 Jul                                                                   Тимюк з родиною

                                                                                    +Mychajlo, Kateryna, Volodymyr, & Anna - Dmytro & Anna                                                                                     Tymiuk & family

Чет 28 лип                                                                 Не буде Святої Літургії                                     

Thu 28 Jul                                                                   No Divine Liturgy

П’ят 29 лип                                                                 Не буде Святої Літургії

Fri    29 Jul                                                                  No Divine Liturgy

Суб 30 лип                  10:00 AM          St Michael        +Стефанія Поліщук (40-ий день)-Стефан Поліщук з родиною 

Sat  30 Jul                                                                   +Stephania Polischuk (40th day) - Stephan Polischuk & family

                                                                                    +Зеня Чорна Брездень (40-ий день) - Марія Чорна з родиною

                                                                                    +Zenia Chorney Brezden (40th day) - Maria Chorney & family


                                    4:00 PM            St Michael        Свята Літургія

                                                                                     Divine Liturgy


11-tа Неділя після Зіслання Святого Духа

11th Sunday After Pentecost


Tone 2                                                 Epistle – 1 Corinthians 9: 2-12                           Gospel – Matthew 18: 23-35


Нед 31 лип                    8:30 АM          SS P&P            за всіх парафіян 

Sun 31 Jul                                                                   Intention of parishioners


                                     10:30 AM         St Michael        за всіх парафіян 

Intention of parishioners



Слава Ісусу Христу! - Слава На Віки!  Glory to Jesus Christ! - Glory Forever!



²         Вітаємо всіх парафіян та гостей і запрошуємо на каву та солодкe щонеділі після Святoї Літургії.

            Щира подяка всім, хто допомагає у приготуванні цього сніданку.


²         Пригадую, що кожного місяця є конверта для огрівання/охолодження. Прошу парафіян бути жертвенними.


²   Отець Василь їде в Україну. Заступатиме отець Юрій Кучарський впродовж відпустки. Вітаїмо о. Юрія.


²          We welcome all parishioners and guests and invite you to join us for coffee and cake, every Sunday after

            the Divine Liturgy.  A sincere thanks to all those who help make our coffee & cake successful.


²         Please remember that in your church envelopes there is a monthly envelope for heating/air-conditioning. 

             Please be generous with the continuing high cost of BGE bills.


²         Father Wasyl will be leaving for vacation. Father Vasyl will be substituted by Father Yuriy Kucharskyj. We welcome Father Yuriy.


²          Просимо молитися за хворих парафіян:  We ask that you remember our sick parishioners in your prayers: Theodore Caryk, Lucia Chay,

             Maria Chorney, Michael Hecner, Melania Hudyma, Alexandra Huculak, Marta Iwashko, Oksana Koropeckyj, Teodor Kuzmiw, Orest Lasuk,

             Rose Lasuk, Lidia Markowski, Maria Popowych, Anna Semak, Roma Stafford, Anna Swystun, Stefania Tatchyn,

             Anna Tymiuk, Dmytro Tymiuk, Irene Waclawiw, Petro Wernyj and Nadia Wojtowycz.

             If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact Fr Wasyl with the name of the individual.  Our prayer for the sick and

             the aged is truly helpful and comforting. In your Christian Charity, kindly remember our sick parishioners in your prayers and

             perhaps a card or note.


²        Our parishes are fortunate to have a cemetery and we thank everyone for your generosity during the annual appeal for the cemetery. 

            Please remember that your parish envelopes include 2 special collections (spring & fall) to offset the cost of maintaining this cemetery. 

            Please remember that St Michael Cemetery is locked at all times.


            If you would like to visit the cemetery and do not have a key to the lock please contact Fr Vasyl (410) 675-7557 or

            our new Cemetery Administrator - Stephen Humeniuk at 410-967-0501 or email  Please be advised that effective January 1, 2015 the cost of new individual burial grave sales at the cemetery is $500. A Certificate of Ownership is issued upon full payment of the individual burial grave sale and is recorded in the cemetery records. 

            For cemetery burial site purchases and questions please contact Stephen Humeniuk.


2016 Парафіяльні Недільні конверти та календарі вже виставлені

2016 Church Collection Envelopes and Calendars are available for pickup.


З любовю в Христі,   о. Василь                      Yours in Christ – Father Vasyl


Якщо парафіяни мають оголошення просимо Вас передати на письмі перед початком

 Богослуженням.  Просимо не пердавати під час Служби.


If anyone has announcements to be made please give Father the written announcement prior to the

beginning of Liturgy.  Please do not give Father announcements during Liturgy


St. Michael's Fund Raising Activity




St Michael Church Sunday Coffee Schedule – Social Hour


KAVA / Coffee Social Hour – During the summer months there is no kava / coffee social hour after the Divine Liturgy. Kava will resume in the Fall – September 2016.

Cemetery: Lost & Found


FOUND! A Ukrainian Beaded Necklace was found after Easter on cemetery grounds. If you lost the necklace, please contact Steve Humeniuk, Cemetery Administrator 410-967-0501 or email:


SS Peter & Paul Coffee Schedule




St Michael's and SS Peter & Pauls' Ukrainian Catholic Churchs Calendar of Events:








Збірка в церкві св. Арх. Михаїла - Collection St Michael


$500 - In Memory of +Stephania Polischuk  


We are sincerely grateful for your donations, contributed to the glory of God and for the good of our parishes.

Щиро дякуємо за Ваші пожертви на славу Божу і для добра наших парафій.

Збірка в церкві св. aпп. Петра і Павла - Collection SS Peter & Paul


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simply send your email address to: theway@ukrarcheparchy.usYou may also share The Way with family and friends by sending their email addresses to:

All parishioners are encouraged to receive and read The Way, the Catholic newspaper of our Philadelphia Archeparchy.


Чи відомо Вам, що наша архиєпархіальна газета „Шляхдоступна безкоштовно через інтернет? Наша газета виходить двічі на місяць англійською та українською мовами. Щоб отримати цю інтернет-газету, достатньо відправити адресу своєї електронної пошти на: Ви також можете поділитися газетою „Шляхз родиною і друзями, відправивши адреси їхньої електронної пошти на: Заохочуємо всіх парафіян отримувати і читати „Шлях, католицьку газету нашої Філадельфійської архиєпархії


Св. Михаїла - St Michael Church Hall - Art Exhibit

Wasyl Palijczuk at 78: Art and Life Retrospective


Розпочалася виставка

 "Мистецтво Українських художників"

у виставково-концертному залі при

Церкві Св. Архангела Михаїла.

У Виставці беруть участь:

 Василь Палійчук, Олександра Павлюк і Григорій Байда-Бенуа.

Офіційне відкриття виставки відбудеться 10го липня 2016;

у програмі - представлення художників, концерт, фуршет.

Виставка буде тривати до 31го серпня.


Come visit the Art Exhibit titled: UKRAINIAN ARTISTS ON DISPLAY: Wasyl Palijczuk, Aleksandra Pawliuk and Gregory Bayda-Benua in the upper hall of the St Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church. Official Opening & Program Sunday July 10, 2016. The display can be viewed until August 31.



July 24


Jesus the Rule-breaker


We are accustomed to the gentle Jesus, the humble carpenter who taught us to “turn the other cheek.” But there is another side to him—the bold breaker of rules when those rules do not serve justice, love and mercy.


The gospel of Luke (6:1-5), for instance, tells of the Sabbath day when the disciples of Jesus picked and ate grain from a field as they were passing by. The Pharisees, of course, were quick to condemn them for “working” on the Sabbath.


Jesus answered, "Have you not read what David did when he and his companions were hungry? He entered the house of God and took and ate the bread of the Presence, which it is not lawful for any but the priests to eat, and gave some to his companions." Then he told them, "The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath."


The lesson for us is that God’s mercy transcends rules and regulations. Any hour of the day is a good time to do good. Any day of the week is a good time to ask for God’s mercy. Any time at all is a good time to show mercy to a neighbor.

This is why Pope Francis urges us not to be afraid of making mistakes in our efforts to do good.


Our prayer for today: Dear Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath and Lord of Mercy, strengthen us as we seek to serve justice, love and mercy