Ukrainian Catholic Parishes of Baltimore   

Rev. Vasyl Sivinskyi, Pastor

2401 Eastern Ave Baltimore, 21224 USA
Office Phone: 410-675-7557 Fax: 410-732-0839 cell phone: 267-242-5673

Divine Liturgies

Saturdays: - 4:00 pmat St. Michaels

Sundays 8:30 am at Sts. Peter & Paul; 10:30 amat St. Michaels
variable schedule for both parishes contact office for specific schedule


Parishes of Baltimore Bulletin



  January 25, 2015                                                                                  Volume 2015 no. 04



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IJ - SUNDAY of the Publican and Pharisee


Tone 8                                                     Epistle 2 Timothy 3: 10-15                               Gospel Luke  18: 10-14


25                    10:30 AM          St Michael       

Sun 25 Jan                                                                   Intention of parishioners


                                     1:00 PM           SS P&P           

                                                                                    Intention of parishioners

26                                                                   ˳㳿  

Mon 26 Jan                                                                  No Divine Liturgy                                 

³ 27                                                                     ˳㳿  

Tue 27 Jan                                                                   No Divine Liturgy

28                    10:00 AM          St Michael        + ()  

Wed 28 Jan                                                                  +Stephan Poperecznyj (anniversary) Maria Tymiuk Yavorivskyy


4:00 PM            St Michael       


For health and Gods blessing for Mary Poliszczuk Oksana &

                                                Stephen Chorney

29                     9:30 AM            St Michael       

Thu 29 Jan                                                                  

For health and Gods blessing for Mary & Orest Poliszczuk

Olha Korz & family  

ϒ 30                    10:30 AM          St Michael        + (40- ) -  

Fri   30 Jan                                                                  +Wasyl Soltys (40th day) - family

31                    11:00 AM          St Michael       

Sat  31 Jan                                                                  

                                                                                    For health and Gods blessing for Stefania Tatchyn on the

                                                                                    occasion of her birthday family          


                                    4:00 PM            St Michael        ˳

                                                                                    Divine Liturgy

Sunday of the prodigal son


Tone 1                                                     Epistle 1 Corinthians 6: 12-20                       Gospel Luke  15: 11-32


01                  8:30 M            SS P&P           

Sun 01 Feb                                                                  Intention of parishioners


                                    10:30 AM          St Michael       

Intention of parishioners





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²         :

            2- '    -           .         -           6:00 .

            4- '    -           .                  -           6:30 .

²         :

            2-       -           .                 -          

            4-       -           .                 -           .

            (410) 661-0172.



²               We welcome all parishioners and guests and invite you to join us for coffee and cake, every Sunday after

            the Divine Liturgy.  A sincere thanks to all those who help make our coffee & cake successful.


²         Father started the Blessing of Parishioner Homes.  He will call you when he is in your area. Please expect Father.


²         Please remember that in your church envelopes there is a monthly envelope for heating/air-conditioning.  Please be generous with the continuing high cost of BGE bills


²         :  We ask that you remember our sick parishioners in your prayers: 

             Our prayer list of the sick or elderly of our parishes:  Theodore Caryk, Lucia Chay, Maria Chorney, Nikolai

             Dubrowsky, Melania Hudyma, Alexandra Huculak, Marta Iwashko, Teodor Kuzmiw, Paraskevia Kuzmiw, Nicolas

             Lasijczuk, Katherine Lukasz, Lidia Markowski,  Maria Popowych,  Anna Semak,  Stefania Tatchyn, Dmytro Tymiuk,

             Irene Waclawiw, Anna Wernyj,  Petro Wernyj.

             If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact Fr Wasyl with the name of the individual.  Our

             prayer for the sick and the aged is truly helpful and comforting. In your Christian Charity, kindly remember our sick

             parishioners in your prayers and perhaps a card or note


²               Religious Education classes for Adults have the following schedule:

            2nd Friday of the month -          SS P&P                        -           6:00 pm

            4th Friday of the month -           St. Michael's                 -           6:30 pm


²        Religious Education Classes for Children have the following schedule in the upper parish hall of St Michael's

            on  the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  Other children interested in Religious Instruction please contact

            Maria Kaczaniuk - 410-661-0172


²               St Michael Cemetery is locked at all times.  If you would like to visit the cemetery and do not have a key to the

             lock please contact Fr Vasyl (410) 675-7557or Eva Hecner at (410) 732-2149.

                Please be advised that effective January 1, 2015 the cost of new individual burial grave sales at the cemetery

             will be $500.


,   .                       Yours in Christ Father Vasyl


2015 .

2015 Church Collection Envelopes are available for pickup.



 .  .


If anyone has announcements to be made please give Father the written announcement prior to the

beginning of Liturgy.  Please do not give Father announcements during Liturgy


St. Michael's Fund Raising Activity


St Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church Calendar of Events 





Community Calendar of Events



The St Michael Choir performed at the Annual Arch eparchial Christmas Festival of

Choirs in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Philadelphia on Sunday, Jan 11, 2015.

{click here to see video}



{click here to see} past Photos of our St Michael Choir performing at the Annual Arch eparchial Christmas Festival of Choirs in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Philadelphia on Sunday, Jan 9, 2012.



St Michael Church Sunday Coffee Schedule


Jan 25              Natalya Tsymbalyuk & Stefania Gertchak Deo              


Feb 01              Olia Sushko & Lida Sushko Teluk                                  ˳

Feb 08              Jennifer Hecner                                                             


Feb 15              Ira Smetaniouk & Larysa Salamacha                              

Feb 22              Olia Hanas & Zirka Hanas                                               dz


Mar 01             Tania Charchalis & Katria Kuzmowycz Bowles              

Mar 08             Maria Kaczaniuk                                                            

Mar 15             Tribute to Taras Shevchenko - 4th Wave                         - 4-

Mar 22             Justine Chapelsky, Donna McClellan & Christina Collins     ,

Mar 29             Palm Sunday -Church Bazaar                                        -


Apr 05              Easter Sunday                                                             

Apr 12              Khrystyna Horbachevska & Maria Yavorivskyy             

Apr 19              Oksana Palijczuk & Halia Glanowska                            

Apr 26             Maria Kashanchi & Debbie Wojtowycz                          


May 03             Maria Swain & Joanne Karagianis                                  ള

May 10             Mother's Day - Church Committee                                 -

May 17             First Confession & Solemn Holy Communion                                     

May 24             Marijka & Orest Poliszczuk                                          

May 31             Tessa & Melania Kaczaniuk                                         


Jun 07              Marta Zahalak & Tanya Zahalak                                    

Jun 14              Oksana Chorney & Taisa Korz                                     

Jun 21              Father's Day - Church Committee                                 -

Jun 28              TBA                                                                            


. . Collection St  Michael  


- Collection for Jan 18, 2015 was $1,242.50           


For the Building Restoration Capital Campaign Fund:


$50 in memory of +Anna Wernyj Stephanie Burkart


We are sincerely grateful for your donations, contributed to the glory of God and for the good of our parishes.


. a. - Collection SS Peter & Paul


- Collection for Jan 11, 2015 was $ 569.00                  - Collection for Jan 18, 2015 was $ 123.00       


 We are sincerely grateful for your donations, contributed to the glory of God and for the good of our Church.



St Michael's and SS Peter & Pauls' Ukrainian Catholic Churchs Calendar of Events:


г Christmas Liturgy Schedule:




-  Prosphora - Parish Christmas Dinner


25                      1:00 PM         SS P&P            Divine Liturgy

Sun 25 Jan                                                                   - Parish Prosphora Christmas Dinner



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