Ukrainian Catholic Parishes of Baltimore   

Rev. Vasyl Sivinskyi, Pastor

2401 Eastern Ave Baltimore, 21224 USA
Office Phone: 410-675-7557 Fax: 410-732-0839 cell phone: 267-242-5673

Divine Liturgies

Saturdays: - 4:00 pmat St. Michaels

Sundays 8:30 am at Sts. Peter & Paul; 10:30 amat St. Michaels
variable schedule for both parishes contact office for specific schedule


Parishes of Baltimore Bulletin



june 26 2016                                                                                                                      Volume 2016 no. 26




6-t ϲ

6th Sunday aFTER pENTECOST


Tone 5                                      Epistle Romans 12: 6-14                                Gospel Matthew 9: 1-8


26                     8:30 M          SS P&P             

Sun 26 Jun                                                                  Intention of parishioners

                                     10:30 AM         St Michael         

Intention of parishioners

27                                                                  ˳㳿

Mon 27 Jun                                                                  No Divine Liturgy

³ 28                                                                   ˳㳿

Tue 28 Jun                                                                   No Divine Liturgy

. . -  SS PETER & PAUL


29                   9:00 AM            SS P&P            ˳  

Wed 29 Jun                                                                  Divine Liturgy

                                    9:45 AM            SS P&P          



                                    10:30 AM          St Michael        + -

                                                                                    +Katherine Dembeck - Stephan Dulin

30                                                                   ˳㳿                                     

Thu 30 Jun                                                                  No Divine Liturgy

ϒ 01                                                                 ˳㳿

Fri    01 Jul                                                                  No Divine Liturgy

02                   4:00 PM            St Michael        + -

Sat  02 Jul                                                                   +Felix Dembeck - Stephan Dulin

7- ϲ

7th Sunday aFTER pENTECOST


Tone 6                                                      Epistle Romans 15: 1-7                              Gospel Matthew 9: 27-35


03                     8:30 M          SS P&P             

Sun 03 Jul                                                                   Intention of parishioners

                                     10:30 AM         St Michael         

Intention of parishioners


! - ³!  Glory to Jesus Christ! - Glory Forever!



²         ³ e o ˳㳿.

            , .


²         , /. .


²               , + 20- 2016 .  . 2 10 . .  ³ .

²               + 23- 2016 .  .  ³ .


²         :

            2- '    -           .         -           6:00 .

            4- '    -           .                  -           6:30 .


²          We welcome all parishioners and guests and invite you to join us for coffee and cake, every Sunday after

            the Divine Liturgy.  A sincere thanks to all those who help make our coffee & cake successful.


²               We express our deepest sympathy to the family, relatives and friends of +Zenia Chorney Brezden who fell asleep in the Lord on June 20, 2016.

            The final resting place will be St Michael's Cemetery. The Funeral will be from St Michael's on Saturday July 2 at 10:00 AM.  May she rest in the

             place of eternal happiness. Memories Eternal Vichnaya Pamyat.


             We express our deepest sympathy to the family, relatives and friends of +Stephania Polischuk who fell asleep in the Lord on June 23, 2016. 

             May she rest in the place of eternal happiness. Memories Eternal Vichnaya Pamyat


²         Please remember that in your church envelopes there is a monthly envelope for heating/air-conditioning. 

             Please be generous with the continuing high cost of BGE bills.


²           :  We ask that you remember our sick parishioners in your prayers: Theodore Caryk, Lucia Chay,

             Maria Chorney, Michael Hecner, Melania Hudyma, Alexandra Huculak, Marta Iwashko, Oksana Koropeckyj, Teodor Kuzmiw, Orest Lasuk,

             Rose Lasuk, Lidia Markowski, Maria Popowych, Anna Semak, Roma Stafford, Anna Swystun, Stefania Tatchyn,

             Anna Tymiuk, Dmytro Tymiuk, Irene Waclawiw, Petro Wernyj and Nadia Wojtowycz.

             If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact Fr Wasyl with the name of the individual.  Our prayer for the sick and

             the aged is truly helpful and comforting. In your Christian Charity, kindly remember our sick parishioners in your prayers and

             perhaps a card or note.


²                Religious Education classes for Adults have the following schedule:

                          2nd Friday of the month -          SS P&P            -            6:00 pm

                          4th Friday of the month -           St. Michael's     -           6:30 pm


²        Our parishes are fortunate to have a cemetery and we thank everyone for your generosity during the annual appeal for the cemetery. 

            Please remember that your parish envelopes include 2 special collections (spring & fall) to offset the cost of maintaining this cemetery. 

            Please remember that St Michael Cemetery is locked at all times.


            If you would like to visit the cemetery and do not have a key to the lock please contact Fr Vasyl (410) 675-7557 or

            our new Cemetery Administrator - Stephen Humeniuk at 410-967-0501 or email  Please be advised that effective January 1, 2015 the cost of new individual burial grave sales at the cemetery is $500. A Certificate of Ownership is issued upon full payment of the individual burial grave sale and is recorded in the cemetery records. 

            For cemetery burial site purchases and questions please contact Stephen Humeniuk.



2016 Church Collection Envelopes and Calendars are available for pickup.


,   .                       Yours in Christ Father Vasyl


 .  .


If anyone has announcements to be made please give Father the written announcement prior to the

beginning of Liturgy.  Please do not give Father announcements during Liturgy


St. Michael's Fund Raising Activity




St Michael Church Sunday Coffee Schedule Social Hour




SS Peter & Paul Coffee Schedule




St Michael's and SS Peter & Pauls' Ukrainian Catholic Churchs Calendar of Events:







The next several weeks are exciting times for all graduates.  Some will complete their studies and will begin fulfilling their dreams in life.  Others will celebrate their graduation from one level of education to yet another.  We celebrate our parishioners with their accomplishments and wish them success in their future endeavors. 


Please notify Father Pastor if you, your children or grandchildren are graduating this year so that we may honor them.




.  .  . 


, , , .


Our congratulations are extended to:                         :



  • Erin Nicole Hecner, daughter of Stephen and Jennifer Hecner, graduated on Monday, June 6, 2016 from The Park School of Baltimore, Brooklandville, MD.  In the fall, Erin  will be attending Millersville University of Pennsylvania, in Millersville, PA  where she plans to study Criminal Justice and Education.




Did you know The Way, our archieparchial newspaper is available for FREE through the internet?  Our newspaper is

published twice a month in both an English language version and a Ukrainian language version.  To receive this online newspaper,

simply send your email address to: theway@ukrarcheparchy.usYou may also share The Way with family and friends by sending their email addresses to:

All parishioners are encouraged to receive and read The Way, the Catholic newspaper of our Philadelphia Archeparchy.


, ? . -,  : , : , Գ


. - St Michael Church Hall - Art Exhibit

Wasyl Palijczuk at 78: Art and Life Retrospective


 " "


. .


  , -.

10 2016;

- , , .

31 .


Come visit the Art Exhibit titled: UKRAINIAN ARTISTS ON DISPLAY: Wasyl Palijczuk, Aleksandra Pawliuk and Gregory Bayda-Benua in the upper hall of the St Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church. Official Opening & Program Sunday July 10, 2016. The display can be viewed until August 31.



June 26


This Word Changes Everything



The Internet came on the scene back in 1995 or so. By 2000, it was becoming a household word, and business people adopted the mantra:The Internet changes everything.


In the Church, we are halfway through our celebration of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

When the Holy Father proclaimed the Jubilee year, he said: I have thought about how the Church can make clear its mission of being a witness of mercy. The mercy of God must be at the center. We must feel mercy. This word changes verything.Its the best thing we can feel; it changes the world.


In writing about the Jubilee Year, an Italian journalist and publisher noted: If we do not understand that mercy is the heart of the Gospel, we cannot fully understand Jesus Christ or the tenderness of the Father who sends him to listen to us, to heal us and to save us.


Then there is Trappist Priest Simeon Leiva-Merikakis, speaking bluntly about the immensity of Gods mercy: Whoever receives mercy must give mercy, or else he will choke on it.


God gives his mercy so abundantly that we always will have more than enough for ourselves and for everyone we encounter, he explains.


Like the miraculous loaves, mercy is multiplied in the giving.


Our prayer today: Heavenly Father, I pray that I can be a witness of your mercy and make it the focus of my dealings with my brothers and sisters.